Providence Presbyterian Church is approximately 200 members strong. Women are active in every aspect of life and service at Providence Church.

The Providence chapter of Presbyterian Women (PPW) sponsors and coordinates many opportunities for fellowship and service together. Every woman attending Providence is considered a welcome member of the chapter. Officers commit to serve one-year terms. The PPW calendar year runs from September to August; officers commit to serve one-year terms. PPW activities currently include the following:

  • Bible Study -- Is conducted on the third Tuesday of each month from September to May during our Circle Meetings. Day Circle is held at 10:00am; Night Circle at 7:00pm. Both Circle meetings are conducted in the Upper Fellowship Hall.

  • Special Offerings -- Donating in various ways, the PPW participate in four special offerings throughout our study year; independent of other offerings collected by the church:
  • Mission Pledge -- Supports ongoing missions and ministries in the U.S. and abroad. Self-determined amounts are collected as a one-time annual giving in Sept at the PW Joint Circle Meeting. Or monies can be donated throughout the year at the Day and Night Circle meetings.
  • Thank Offering -- Is a one-time donation collected at Circle meetings in November. This offering was started by Eliza Clokey in 1888 when she urged women to give “above and beyond regular giving,” as a “thank offering to our Lord.” It has been said that the women’s giving at that time saved the worldwide missionary movement. This offering supports new and creative projects that address issues that include, but are not limited to agriculture development, child care, counseling, elder care, homelessness, literacy, community organizing, criminal justice, women’s concerns, employment training and health ministries. Grant recipients are chosen each spring.
  • Least Coin Offering -- Has flourished as the “Fellowship of the Least Coin,” a global ecumenical women’s prayer movement for over 50 years. Key to its success is simplicity. Each time a woman prays, she is to set aside the least coin of her local currency as a symbol of the prayer. The prayers and the least coins collected support projects for women and children around the world. The Providence chapter of Presbyterian Women collects coins throughout the year at our monthly Circle meetings.
  • Birthday Offering -- Is collected in May at our PW Joint Team Meeting, the Birthday Offering gives women a tangible way to celebrate the blessings in their own lives. This offering helps support up to five projects each year, in amounts of $75,000 to $150,000 each. The recipients are selected before the offering is received, so grant amounts depend on the gifts received.

  • Prayer Shawl Circle -- Takes place on the fourth Tuesday of each month. We meet at 10:00am in the Upper Fellowship Hall. There are no meetings in June, July and August. (Any other exceptions to the schedule are posted in the bulletin and the weekly email. The PPW schedule is also posted on the PPW bulletin board in the hallway leading to the Upper Fellowship Hall.) This is a great time of fellowship while “lapghans” are crocheted for distribution to folks who are dealing with illness or injury.

  • Advent Decorating -- Is coordinated by the PPW and takes place on the Saturday prior to the start of Advent. Removal and storage of decorations is determined each year, depending on which day of the week Christmas Day, New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day fall on the calendar.

  • Poinsettia Purchases -- Take place each November. The plants are purchased by members of the congregation through the agriculture program at West Johnston High School. They are left on display in the church through the Advent Season. PPW coordinates the purchase, display and disposition of the poinsettias.

  • Annual Christmas Gift Bags-- Are assembled by the PPW and given during the holiday season to folks affiliated with the church who are in various stages of infirmity.

  • Annual PPW Enrichment -- Is planned in the form of an annual activity that provides fellowship and enrichment for the women of the church. In February 2018 PPW sponsored and hosted a very successful women’s conference, which included an out-of-town guest speaker. In January 2019 the event was a super catered luncheon. The current plan is to host the larger conference event (open to attendees from different churches) every other year. The smaller catered event is to take place in the alternate years.

  • Chicken Pastry & Silent Auction Fundraiser -- Is a very successful annual event at Providence, coordinated by the PPW. It includes a Bake Sale and Fixed-Priced Sale. As are all annual fundraisers, this event is supported by the whole congregation.

  • Bake Sales -- Are coordinated and executed by PPW at the Chicken Pastry & Silent Auction, the Men’s Annual Fish Fry and the Youth’s Annual BBQ.

  • Honorary Lifetime Member Award-- Is bestowed annually on a member who has demonstrated a consistent life of service through the ministries at Providence, as well as at other church homes prior to coming to Providence. An ad hoc committee of PPW members conducts the process from search to final presentation.

  • Social Events -- Are spearheaded by our Social Coordinator. These include trips to local live theatres, movies, visits to plant nurseries and shopping trips. Some of these outings include a stop at a local restaurant.

In addition to the activities listed above, the women of the church are also very active in serving in the wide variety of other ministries available at Providence. There is a place for everyone to plug in and become an integral part of the life of service at Providence Presbyterian Church. Join us in our journey as we do our human best to live the life espoused in our church mission statement.

The Presbyterian Women of Providence Presbyterian Church 2019-2020 Officers:
Lisa Nelms (Moderator), Sue Bryant (Secretary), Nell Franke (Treasurer)