We believe God’s mission for Providence Presbyterian Church is:

    To disciple others in Christ by sharing the gospel through our words and actions;

    To nurture existing Christians into a mature faith by worship, fellowship and Christian education;

    To prayerfully serve God by worshiping Him through Jesus Christ by the power of the Holy Spirit;

    And to serve our neighbor as Jesus taught us.

    The session further enters into a covenant with God, church and each other in the following way:

    Our promise to God:
    - To be grounded in God and God’s Word
    - To build a relationship through prayer
    - To study God’s Word
    - To listen and do God’s will in our lives and our church
    - To live a repentant life

    Our promise to our church:
    - To care and nurture it
    - To act on behalf of Christ’s church and not our own agenda
    - To encourage congregation in worship and service
    - To use resources wisely as good stewards
    - To communicate effectively
    - To seek God’s vision and will

    Our promise to each other:
    - To support, encourage and pray
    - To communicate effectively
    - To collaborate and involve others
    - To mitigate in Truth, Trust and Love
    - To be available and humble (vulnerable)