Dedicated October 1952

1915-1916 - dates the very earliest days of Providence Presbyterian Church when a Sunday School was organized at Piney Grove School by Miss Alice Edmundson.

1917 - Dr. Ben R. Lacy and George R. Coopers (ministerial student) pitched a tent on the school grounds, and the first two converts were Mrs. Zeb Byrd and Miss Kittie Stephenson. A lot was donated and some material was placed on the grounds; however, with careful consideration and Divine guidance, the congregation was inspired to secure a lot and build a Church at our present location.

1921 - a church building was erected and was named Providence Mission, a mission of Spence Church. Charter members were: Mr. and Mrs. E. S. Coates, Miss Nannie Coates, Edwin Massengill, Mrs. Sarah Johnson, Mrs. Eula Byrd, Tony Johnson, Mrs. Elsie Barbour, Mr. and Mrs. G. W. McGee, J. P. McGee, Mr. and Mrs. F. Y. Stephenson, Mr. and Mrs. B. J. Beasley, Mrs. Clarence Lee, Mr. and Mrs. John L. Johnson, Mr. and Mrs. Budd Wood, Mrs. Katherine S. Lassiter, Mr. and Mrs. Joe R. Beasley, Mrs. Annie S. King, Mrs. Mary S. Johnson,. Mr. and Mrs. Bennett Massengill, Mr. and Mrs. Zeb Byrd, Miss Kittie Stephenson, Miss Emily Langdon, and Mrs. Lillie B. Barefoot.

1927 - October 30, the Church was organized with three ruling Elders; Ed S. Coates, G. W. McGee and John L. Johnson and three Deacons; J. P. McGee, F. Y. Stephenson, and B. J. Beasley. Rev. Dixon McDonald was pastor and served the field until 1942 when Rev. W. P. Robertson answered the call. During his ministry, he started an outpost, which later became Plainview Church.


Rev. F.H. Spence 1915-1916
Dr. Ben R. Lacy 1916-1917
Rev. D.M. McGeachy 1917-1922
Rev. Edwin S.Coates 1922-1925
Rev. R.E. Henderlite 1925-1926
Rev. A.E. Lassiter 1926
Rev. Dixon McDonald 1926-1942
Rev. W.P. Robertson 1942-1944
Rev. Donald McMahan 1944-1945
Rev. James Porter 1945-1949
Rev. Frank Wilkerson 1949-1950
Rev. D.H. Dulin 1951-1954
Rev. Jack R. Dail 1954-1958
Rev. J.A. McIntyre 1958-1960
Rev. J.D. Nesselrodt 1960-1964
Rev. W.B. McSwain 1964-1965
Rev. J.D. Nesselrodt 1966-1971
Dr. J.M. Bagnal Interim
Rev. C.W. Kimbrough 1973-1979
Rev. James Ray Shroyer 1981-1986
Rev. Raymond M. Tear 1987-1995
Rev. C. Mark Scott 1997-2004
Rev. James Davis 2007-present

Homecoming 1957

Homecoming at Providence - 1957