“Growth of the Providence’s Mission” was the title of the report from the Long Range Planning Committee of Providence Presbyterian Church nearly a decade ago.  In addition to spelling out what it would take to grow a larger and stronger congregation, the report listed all the building needs [with blueprints] including a multi-purpose fellowship hall, an educational wing, and eventually a larger sanctuary. 

          We have certainly taken our time.  We’ve thought about it…talked about it…prayed about it…worried about it…even dreamed about what would happen if we ever built our long-awaited fellowship hall and educational wing that would…

·        house our programs of congregational nurture and outreach

·        have a kitchen and banquet hall in which all our folk could fit for food and fellowship

·        give us an alternative place for worship when we outgrow the current sanctuary

·        have enough classrooms in which the faith can be taught

The enclosed blueprints and artists renderings of the building plans have been up on our walls for some time now, and they show us what is in store for us in the proposed 9,000 square foot multi-purpose fellowship hall:

·        room for over 200 people to gather for fellowship meals, homecomings, wedding receptions, member family reunions,  
    bereavement meals

·        an alternative worship space

·        a larger and self-contained kitchen to service the needs of larger groups

·       a rehearsal room  for our choral programs

·       new office space

The educational wing, connecting the current buildings with the fellowship hall, will house over 4,000 square feet and provide us with…

·        10 spacious classrooms

·        3 up-to-date nursery rooms

·        6 restrooms



          The facilities have been described as being in three distinct phases each with a forecasted cost:

·       Multi-purpose fellowship hall           Phase I                         $600,000

·       Educational wing of classrooms       Phase II                        $300,000

·       Parking lot, furnishings, etc.             Phases I&II                $100,000

·       New sanctuary                                   Phase III                      $700,000



        After conducting a thorough feasibility study through our respected consulting firm of Perkinson and Associates, the Long Range Planning Committee wholeheartedly believes that the congregation is ready to build the multi-purpose fellowship hall and the educational wing along with the parking lot and furnishings.  A substantial majority of those involved in the study expressed enthusiasm for the project and a belief that most, if not all, of the $1,000,000 needed for Phases I and II could be raised in a campaign.  As one member put it: “It’s time to get this ball rolling.  And when this church believes in the need, it always responds!”

          The history of this church is rich with its giving.  Just in recent years, the members put together over $100,000 for our new parking lots along with over $70,000 for the new “makeover” in our current facilities.


       steeple   This well thought-out vision has caught up with us at last, challenging us to give of ourselves for the good of the whole congregation present and the one that is surely coming.

          If the congregation of Providence Presbyterian Church is to honor its history by building for its future, then each and every member must do his or her fair share.  They must commit themselves individually and collectively to see this important mission come to fruition.

          Over and above what is given to the annual budget needs, each household is challenged to make a meaningful gift to the church for this building project, which is to say, a gift as large as your means permit.

          Gifts may be spread over three to five years.

          Gifts can be made in the form of property such as real estate, stocks and bonds or mutual funds, or automobiles, virtually anything of value that can be readily converted to cash by the church within a reasonable time.



          All the indicators show that Providence Presbyterian Church is in a prime location for growing a larger congregation.  Already church membership has grown by 45% over the past decade.  By expanding we may expect our ministry and mission to become even more visible and inviting within a certain radius of our campus.  Welcoming more people into our flock will not only give us a larger number of disciples but will enable us to become stronger for even more missions and programs.pic

This dream has been deferred for all sorts of reasons, but the time has come for us to show our faith in God’s future and live up to God’s expectations for us to be the Church we can become in this place and time.  And in so doing, we are…

honoring our history…building our future!