Sunday School at Providence

Sunday school begins at 9:45 a.m. to 10:25 a.m. and is offered to children of all ages and adults.

Also, from 10:25 am to 10:50 am there will be Fellowship time in the Fellowship hall.

Providence Presbyterian Church

2015-2016 Sunday School Schedule
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Fall: September – November
Winter: December – February
Spring: March – May
Summer: June – August
Nursery: Chris Stephenson / Kristy Stephenson (September, January)
(New Born – 2 years) Georgeanna Phillips / Laura Langdon (October, April)
Sue Bryant / Beth Breeden (November, May)
Andrea Jones / Mary Langdon (December, June)
Georgeanna Phillips / Laura Langdon (March, July)
Beth Pickens / Pat Davis (February, August)
Children’s Classes
Preschool: Jennifer Crocker  (October, January, March, April, May, August)
(Beginning at Age 3)     Christina Jones (September, November, December, June)
Kristy Stephenson (February, July)
Early Elementary: Vickie Faircloth (October, December, Frbruary, April)
(Grades K-2) Heather Ennis (September, March, May)
Kelly Nordan (November, January, July)
Barri Martin (June)
Allison Nelms (August)
Elementary Amy Dupree (Fall, April)  
(Grades 3-5) Barri Martin (May, June)
Allison Nelms (Winter, August)
Kelly Nordan (July)
Kristy Stephenson (March, April)
  *Candace Bullock-substitute  
Youth Sunday School Program
Middle School
Melinda Kendall and David Collier (January, February, May, June)
Brittany & Travis Jones (December, March, April, July, August)
High School
Heath White (September,October, March, April)
Carlos Bagley (November, December, June, July)
Kent Walton
Wendy Stephenson (January, February, May, August)
* Steve Nordan-substitute
Shelia Dupree (December, February)
TBD (October, April, January)
Janice Parrish (September, March, July)
Ann Benson (May, August)
Elaine Wood (November, June)
Hamilton Greene
Bob Reed
Atlee Roberts
Kay Dry
Mary Ann Booth
Nathan Dry
Sheila Dupree
Carolyn Stevenson
Carolyn Stuart
Elaine Wood
Sam Stephenson (October, January, May, August)
Jim Davis (September, February, April, June)
Ann Benson  (November, March, July)
Jeff Wood (December)
*Gary Phillips, Laura McLamb  Substitutes as needed
Young Adults:
Jeff Wood (September)
Whites/Morrows (October, May)
Johnathan Breeden (November)
Stephanie Bagley  (December, February)
Barri Martin (January)
Beth Breeden (March, August)
Smiths (April)
TBD (June, July)
* The Men and Nesselrodt Classes determine their own teaching schedule.